Obviously not all of the news shared and spread by these foreign sites and fake accounts is fake. Some of it is based in reality; even that stuff, though, is phrased in exaggerated and obviously distorted/biased ways. And of course a lot of it just flat-out lies.

You give one sentence saying that Occupy Democrats is known for the same stuff. If that is true, point to evidence of it. Link to articles (respected news sources only, please). I have no idea what you’re talking about and neither would I think most people.

I understand you have an emotional need to think that foreign people posting false and divisive propaganda and riling up our population isn’t meaningful, and that “everyone does it,” but to most people, it is clearly something to be concerned about and clearly comes more from one ideology than the other.

Have psych podcast “People Who Read People.” My research into online deception featured in NYT, WaPo, more. Wrote books on poker tells (translated 8 languages).

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