In my opinion, your criticisms of my piece aren't valid. At no point in this piece do I deny that racism exists, or deny there is a problem with policing. I believe both of those things are problems.

I also believe that there are very extreme and unreasonable viewpoints around these topics, as there are extreme and unreasonable viewpoints around all topics. And I believe that social media has made such extreme and unreasonable views more prevalent, across the board (even while you might be able to tell from the article which side I think is much worse).

You seem to be assuming things that are not there. Me criticizing SOME people on x side of a topic is not the same as me criticizing EVERY person on x side of a topic.

Long story short: there are many unreasonable views these days, and there seem to be more and more of them, and people on both left and right have told me that they liked this piece and agreed that social media is a big factor here. This includes many very liberal acquaintances of mine (I live in Portland, fwiw).

Have psych podcast “People Who Read People.” My research into online deception featured in NYT, WaPo, more. Wrote books on poker tells (translated 8 languages).

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