Hi Eric. I do think doing what you were doing, in a polite way, talking to people in these Facebook groups and letting them know that they’re reacting to posts by foreign people who are just trying to get traffic (or worse). I do actually think that this would be a quite worthwhile way to spend time to help improve this country. I’ve had success when I do this, and have had quite a few people, who I send this article to, respond in positive ways, saying they’d be more skeptical in future.

So yeah I think the more people that did this, and helped educate people in a 1 on 1 basis, it would be good. Only downside is, you might get kicked out of pro-Trump groups if you do it too much, so be polite and don’t overdo it in any one group/thread at a time.

Have psych podcast “People Who Read People.” My research into online deception featured in NYT, WaPo, more. Wrote books on poker tells (translated 8 languages).

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