Fake conservative Twitter account: “Suze Michelini”

  • Using fake photos and names is not against Twitter’s terms and conditions (but is against Facebook’s conditions). So this means even if you are 100% sure a Twitter account is deceptive, Twitter won’t be removing it. Less incentive to care or do anything about it.
  • Due to Twitter’s terms and conditions and due to how people use the platform, Twitter is an asocial platform, compared to Facebook. Facebook is (for its non-deceptive users) a fairly genuine and social network, and this means there are more clues to use to tell that an account is likely fake or deceptive. But on Twitter there are many non-deceptive-but-anonymous or semi-deceptive users and it is easy for fully deceptive accounts to blend in with those users.

Rejected offer of $300 to charity to prove she was real

  • Offering the account money to prove they are real with any of a variety of easily-performed methods. You should leave the offer relatively open-ended to give them room to make their own reasonable offer for evidence, to not give them the out of claiming the terms are unreasonable. You can also, if they ignore or reject your offer and you are more sure in your read, raise the offered amount, which better sells the point to onlookers that the account is most certainly fake in turning down that higher amount.
  • State that the money will go to charity, which takes away the “I don’t need the money” and “it’s not worth my time” excuse that I found some deceptive accounts would respond with when the money was just offered directly to them.
  • Post this offer in several of their most popular and recent tweets, so that the maximum number of people will see it.
  • It’s unlikely an actual person who already has made their name and picture public would turn down a chance to easily prove they are a real person. And that’s especially the case for someone claiming to have impressive credentials.
  • Most people would jump at such an opportunity, not just for the opportunity to cost their detractor money (and potentially send it to a politically-focused charity), but also for the chance to embarrass that detractor (i.e., a chance to “own the libs”).

Lack of online info despite presenting many details and credentials

The LinkedIn profile of fake account “Suze Michelini”

No personal details in Twitter posts

  • No personal photos of any kind
  • No specifics about the work she does

Other interesting details

From fringe ultra-conservative site TheFederalistPapers.org
From fringe ultra-conservative site ChicksOnRight
From mainstream Australian publication




Have psych podcast “People Who Read People.” My research into online deception featured in NYT, WaPo, more. Wrote books on poker tells (translated 8 languages).

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Zachary Elwood

Zachary Elwood

Have psych podcast “People Who Read People.” My research into online deception featured in NYT, WaPo, more. Wrote books on poker tells (translated 8 languages).

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