An examination of divisive, polarized liberal-side political rhetoric from A.R. Moxon’s @JuliusGoat Twitter account

What I mean by “on my side”

An overview of why this person’s rhetoric is unhelpful

Why criticizing divisive people is helpful

@JuliusGoat’s belief that Laura Ingraham purposefully did a Nazi salute

For the complete Twitter thread about this, see here.

@JuliusGoat says that “the Republican party is a hate group”

From this tweet thread.
Some of many tweets from @JuliusGoat stating or implying that conservatives are clearly racist.
In keeping with his polarized, worst-case scenario framing, here he states that Republicans “want to kill us.” Painting the other side as all-the-same and all as bad as the worst people in that group is a common symptom of an extremely polarized mind. In a recent episode of my podcast, we explored how such hyperbolic “sky is falling” framing can be bad in ramping up animosity and fear and anger on both sides.

@JuliusGoat’s simplistic, us-versus-them narratives around police violence issues

A couple examples of @JuliusGoat’s tweets about police violence.

Defenses for this type of behavior

Thinking about our own behaviors and language



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